Ken Siegmann, Media Trainer, Writing Instructor, Writer
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Writing Instruction
High-tech reporters are swamped with news releases, announcements, pitch letters, etc. It's hard for PR people to rise above the noise and get an editor's attention. This writing course is designed to teach high-tech PR people to write effectively so reporters will be more likely to read their materials and respond. This course is especially valuable for junior PR people who have a lot of drive and enthusiasm, but may lack the writing skills to get great results. The course includes seminars and individual coaching sessions, or any combination thereof.

The writing course includes:

  • How reporters receive information
  • Why it's necessary to write in news style
  • Techniques for effective writing
  • Presenting meaningful information in a coherent way
  • How to use statistics
  • Writing about technology so normal people will understand
  • How to structure a news release
  • How to write an effective pitch letter

Quality writing is essential to getting reporters and editors to read your PR materials.