Ken Siegmann, Media Trainer, Writing Instructor, Writer
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Media Training
All too often, managers and executives end up either disappointed or actually hurt by their press coverage because they lacked the skills to establish and maintain good relationships with reporters and editors.

Working with the press is more about establishing good relationships with reporters and editors than it is about just "getting ink." Good coverage is the result of good media relationships.

Ken offers a half-day media training seminar plus individual coaching. The seminar includes a mock interview in front of the group and an interactive presentation that covers the following topics:

  • How Reporters Work
  • What Reporters Are Looking For
  • How Reporters Gather Information
  • Reporters' Rules of the Road
  • Relationship Building
  • The Interview: Preparation and Techniques
  • Reporters' Interviewing Techniques
  • Articulating Your Agenda and Delivering Your Message
  • Being Quotable
  • How to Handle Questions About Competitors
  • How to Handle Bad News and Hostile Questions
  • General Tips -- Do's and Don'ts

Ken designed the individual coaching sessions to help spokespeople articulate their message clearly and concisely. He works closely with public relations people to identify what questions spokespeople are likely to face and help formulate articulate answers. This service can be especially valuable for product managers and marketing people who are preparing for press tours or important meetings with key editors.